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Capacity Building

Enabling participants to build their independence and skills.

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Increased social and community participation

Increased social and community participation falls in the capacity-building category of NDIS supports.

This category offers support to help you to access your community for social and recreational activities either individually or in a group.

PHM Health’s support services under this category include practical activities where you can develop and maintain skills, social, recreational and leisure activities and everyday life skills development.


Examples of support provided by the NDIS that can be funded are

Universal Recreational Activities

If a participant wanted to try out a new activity, such as singing or dancing lessons, art or even horse riding, they can get funding for a limited number of lessons.

Funding to Attend a Camp or Groups

If a participant is able to build on their relationship skills and explore wider interests, then this funding applies to a range of activities.

Other Items or Adjustments

Tools that are customised because of a person’s disability, could also be funded. For example, if a participant wanted to play sport and needed a particular piece of equipment that had to be adapted, funding could be provided. Same with learning musical instruments or creating art.

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