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Leadership team

The people that make PHM Health possible.

Damien Ferguson

Damien started PHM Health and is the CEO.  With over 23 years experience working within the community welfare sector, the organisation is able to work with many NDIS participants. He has worked in most states of Australia and overseas.  He has even had the opportunity working within many regional and remote parts of Australia.  By doing this has again allowed him to gain experience with working for remote Indigenous communities. Damien’s main focus is “….to ensure all participants are doing as much for themselves as often as they can…”   Thus this leads the organisation having a heavy focus on empowerment and avoiding dependency.

Jessica Welch

Jessica is PHM Health’s Chief Operations Officer and Registered Nurse. She has over 15 years within the health sector including aged care and disabilities, and has extensive clinical knowledge, her MBA and Masters in Gerontology.

Con Staveris

Con was one of the original founders of PHM Health. His background spanned across the hospitality industry where he mentored others in achieving their goals. Con took his experience and shifted it towards helping the most vulnerable people in our society. It’s there where he found his passion. Con’s positive mindset and high enthusiasm motivates all around him to become high achievers in the disability caring forum.

Con runs the day programs and capacity building events. His ultimate goal is to ensure that all disabled people have equal opportunities and live happy lives.

Priyanka Sivanesan

Thuy Linh Phung

Jessica Valentine

Ivan Jalimao

Edwin Morgan

Sharad Pokhrel

Denise Mackay

Ashvini Buvanentharan

Linda Billington

Coralie Bell

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