Pre-easter get together - PHM Health
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In the lead up to the Easter break, PHM Health hosted a party for participants, support workers and other staff. We’re planning more of these events over the year, following feedback from support workers about how they appreciate opportunities to mingle and get to know each other. Rain dampened some of our plans, but karaoke and bunny plates piled with pizza and Easter goodies managed to get the party vibe going regardless.

CEO Damien Ferguson was on hand to present certificates of outstanding achievement to:
Newcastle: Amanda, Anup, Brianna, Dipesh, Matthew and Samdup
Sydney: Adeline, Brandon, David, Elise, Emma, Gemma, Isabel, James, Jamielee, Jean-Pierre, Jun, Linda, Mustafa and Richard
Central West: Cara, Courtney, Nicole, Prisca and Stacey.

If you are reading thinking that these names don’t mean much to you, we understand. But they mean the world to us! Congratulations to those who were nominated by the team leaders for certificates, they are well deserved and we really appreciate your work.

And to all we wish a safe, happy, hopefully sunny Easter break.