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How helping someone to live a fulfilled life can be a hugely rewarding career choice

At PHM Health, we often refer to our support workers as care workers. That’s because they are the lifeblood of our organisation; without this group of special people, we simply couldn’t help the hundreds of people with disabilities and seniors to live a life that is as independent as possible.

There can be confusion about what a support worker does, and the truth is they do many things! Their daily work is dictated by the individual needs of the person they are caring for, often referred to as a participant. Sometimes their work involves providing meals and being there to provide personal care such as showering and dressing. In other instances, a support worker may be required to arrange transport for a person to get to a social gathering or a community group activity.

In all cases, it is true to state that each support worker has a unique and special role to play in helping the person they have been assigned to. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we are asked about becoming a support worker.

What type of work is a support worker expected to do?

  • Providing personal care such as bedside care, bathing and dressing
  • Planning and preparing meals
  • Administering scheduled medication
  • Provide help in household tasks
  • Doing shopping or groceries
  • Coordinating and working with doctors and therapists to ensure support
  • Supporting clients in learning a new skill, hobby or interest
  • Becoming a companion.

Do I need qualifications and experience to be a support worker?

There are several skills and experience we look for when hiring support workers for PHM Health. A current driver’s licence, an NDIS Worker Screening Check and a First Aid Certificate are compulsory, and you will need to be triple vaccinated against COVID. We also look for people with emotional intelligence, empathy and the ability to work well in a team.

Can I do the role part-time or on a casual basis?

We offer support worker roles that are full-time, part-time and on a casual basis.

Can I choose who I am a support worker for?

At PHM Health, we know our participants how they’ve worked with people like you. As a result, we have a good idea about who will not only be someone who can meet your support needs but also be someone you’ll get along with and whose company you’ll look forward to.

What personal qualities does a support worker need?

Every support worker at PHM Health plays an important role in helping our participants to live their lives as independently as possible, ensuring that the day-to-day aspects of the lives of these types of individuals are fulfilled. PHM Health values, listed below, guide the way our support workers care for the participants who entrust us to care for them, and their loved ones. They are:

• Compassionate – we are understanding without judgement
• Committed – we are approachable, dependable, adaptable and loyal
• Respectful – we provide a high level of service to all regardless of belief, ethnic or social background, disability or LGBTQ+ identity
• Act with integrity – our client’s best interests always come first
• Honourable – we are always honest, fair and courageous, giving hope for the future.

Becoming a support worker provides a sense of purpose and brings a feeling of accomplishment every time an individual’s life is improved. Does this sound like you? You can find our latest job vacancies here.