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Introducing PHOOM – The Next Generation Support Work Service

Interact with your support worker right now! Without the need to leave your space!

What is PHOOM:

PHOOM is a virtual support service provided exclusively by PHM Health. PHM Health understands how important it is for our participants to remain engaged in activities despite social isolation and risks posed by COVID-19. As a result we have invested time training our support workers to use an array of technologies and online platforms which will enable us to reach out to those who are unable to participate in their usual activities. All platforms that PHOOM utilise are easy to use and can be accessed across a wide range of devices. In other words, if you have a device that has access to the internet then we can work with you!

What happens if a participant doesn’t have any technology devices that allows for PHOOM to happen?

The NDIS announced in April 2020 that it was allowing for the purchase of low-cost technology against funds from participants plans*. This funding will help to ensure that all NDIS participants have access to programs such as PHOOM. PHM Health have worked hard to source the best, easiest to use, and most affordable technology items that are available. Once your device is arranged, PHM Health can help you to set it up so all you need to do is turn it on, connect it to the Internet, login and get started! Simple.

*Please note: this is subject to change without notice.  For the latest advice head to the NDIS website.

Can I get PHOOM if I’m not a current participant of PHM Health? Can I get PHOOM if I am not an NDIS participant?

Yes! The team at PHM Health love meeting new people and discovering the best way we can support them, and COVID-19 hasn’t changed that. Therefore, PHM Health can offer PHOOM to those of you who aren’t NDIS participants or who are not currently registered with PHM Health.

If you are not an NDIS participant, our office team would be happy to discuss your needs with you and provide you with an individualised quote for the service/s you require.

If you are not a current participant with PHM Health then we’ll work with you to send you, your support coordinator, and/or your support network a service agreement. Once the service agreement is completed, PHM Health can begin delivering PHOOM as soon as possible. This is one of the best aspects of PHOOM – it’s flexible and can reach people of all backgrounds and most abilities.

Costs and Rates:

If you have funding within core, then all PHOOM services can be charged to that part of your NDIS plan. PHM Health charge as per the recommended NDIS price guide. All PHOOM services are a minimum of two hours.

Can PHOOM be delivered over the phone:

Yes. PHOOM is extremely flexible and we have a number of ways to provide service via the phone. In fact, PHM Health were delivering services to some participants over the phone prior to COVID-19, and therefore our support workers are very confident in delivering services in this manner.

Want PHOOM now? How you can become part of PHOOM:

So you’re as excited about PHOOM as we are? Awesome! PHM Health and our support workers would love to give you the PHOOM experience. Once your support worker has taken you through a few initial steps, we are able to get you up and running with PHOOM within 24 hours*. To express your interest in PHOOM, Please complete the below form.

I live in a regional, rural or remote area outside of Sydney. Can I still take advantage of PHOOM?

Yes! PHOOM was originally designed for regional, rural and remote places within Australia and beyond. Our CEO, Damien, has spent a significant amount of time living and working in remote and rural areas across Australia. As a result Damien is very familiar with the challenges NDIS participants face when living in these areas and has found himself trying to come up with ideas on how to provide quality support for people who aren’t living in capital cities. This was how PHOOM was born!

Provided you have either phone or internet access PHOOM can come to you. That means if you live in Wollongong, Matong, Maitland, Bourke, Blackwood, Fitzroy Crossing, Tennant Creek, Mt Isa, or in an area where there is not a lot of NDIS support services available (or none), then you can get to experience PHM Health’s awesome services that so many other people have already experienced.

All that needs to be done to get you started with PHM Health and PHOOM is for a service agreement to be sent to you, your support coordinator, and/or support network for review. Once the service agreement is returned to PHM Health PHOOM can begin!

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