Twenty 20

Twenty 20

2020 The year that was.

The year that was. Was. Isn’t it a relief to finally put that is to a was?

The year we won’t forget but will try not to remember. At least for the next few years.

But was it really as bad as all that? How was it for you personally? (Feel free to leave your comments on our Facebook page). Afterall, for people with disabilities, many are already at home a lot of the time. Many have to be alert on any given day to avoid germs and possibly catching a cold, for example. Many people have lower immune systems. There’s simply no option but to avoid the public.

For the greater world, it was chaotic and that certainly has a flow on effect to everybody else. Nobody could escape the pandemic and its financial residue. It has been a difficult year, if only for the simple fact that it has stressed a lot of people out, including support staff. That, in itself, can trickle down, despite their best intentions. They are only human after all. They can get depressed too. Mental health has been one of the biggest factors in the Covid world. The stress of it alone, brings its own issues. At least we are in Australia. Something to be very grateful for.

Christmas family

It’s not over yet but with the new year, there is hope. The vaccine will come (eventually) and there will no doubt be further chaos around that and around getting it out to everyone. Hopefully the most vulnerable will get it first. We will get there. It may take some time yet but we will get there together. Because we are all in it together. We may feel alone at times, but so does everyone. We are together, in our collective loneliness, as it were. We are definitely all connected. If anything, 2020 brought many of us together.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how the year was for you and what your plans are for 2021.

Right now, we say, 2020, we’ve had plenty and it’s time, to leave you behind.


Anthony J. Langford for PHM Health

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